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What Is Hack Fund V?

A publicly traded Venture Fund focused on global frontier tech. Hack Fund V was created by Hackers/Founders (H/F), the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs with over 300,000 members in 49 countries and 142 cities. The same team that built a track record of 30% growth in 5 funds for each of the last 6 years - including 9 exits - created Hack Fund V for public trading. Two portfolio companies are currently on track for IPO within 2 to 3 years.

Hack Fund V Overview

Market arbitrage: Silicon Valley technology companies with equal traction valued 3X higher than those in global markets.

Typical initial investment by Hack: $500K-$12M Series A.

Investing in post-revenue technology companies across frontier technology company hubs, scale them globally.

Hack Fund V Summary

Global Markets

Offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Mexico, & Dubai.

Frontier Tech

Fintech, AI, Hardware, AgTech, and more.


2x to 10x difference in valuations between Silicon Valley and Global Markets.


Connections to Silicon Valley unlocks access to global growth.

Vodafone Partnership

Scaling companies to $100M in revenue via 100+ telcos and 1.2 Billion customers.

Massive Deal Flow

Global community of over 300,000 entrepreneurs, in more than 140 cities.

Track Record:


Yearly ROI for our previous investors*

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Our past performance









Including acquisitions from:

Vodafone Partnership

Hack Fund V has partnered up with Vodafone Tomorrow Street. Hack Fund V will help source and invest in 5 to 15 companies a year Tomorrow Street will help these companies scale to $100M in revenue via Vodafone’s partnerships with 100+ telcos that service 1.2 Billion customers worldwide.

What Makes Hack Fund V different?


1. Founders First.

Before H/F created Hack Fund V, it started as a small group of founders that shared a passion for technology and technology companies. This community became an important place for founders to connect, learn, grow and collaborate with each other. Today, H/F community has grown from a handful in Silicon Valley to about 300,000 people in 49 countries.


2. Community to Co-op.

H/F launched The Co-op, a growth program for early-stage companies, that leverages H/F’s extensive network. The Co-op provides connections, support and services in return for equity, so that these technology companies can expand globally. In the spirit of H/F’s community roots, founders literally have a stake in each other’s success, since they receive a piece of equity from each of their fellow companies.


3. Venture Capital

H/F created four funds using equity from its Co-op portfolio technology companies, and sold them to investors. Funds 1 through 5 annualized 30% IRR for 7 years running, and boasts 9 exits, to companies like Facebook and Cisco.


4. Now Hack Fund V.

Fund V leverages the same deal flow network and proven processes that led H/F to a track record of technology company excellent fund performance. As a publicly-traded venture fund that invests in global technology. Hack Fund V is available through exchanges which available to individual and institutional investors alike. Whereas traditional venture capital is locked up for 7-10 years, Investors have liquidity, because they have the freedom to buy and sell shares.

For Investors

Investors have the advantages of venture capital combined with innovative use of Public Listing.



HACK provides investors with liquidity. Investors can buy, sell, and trade Hack Fund V shares through online exchanges at any time.

Access to the Best startups

Access to the Best Technology Companies

Invest in the best technology companies worldwide without the challenges that can come with reaching them.



Invest like a Limited Partner. Hack Fund V offers diversified exposure to technology companies.



All portfolio exits are funnelled back into Hack Fund V, increasing its value for investors.

Hackers/Founders Portfolio:

Acquired Technology Companies



Enterprise cloud search engine



The Apple Store retail experience for any brick & mortar retailer


Access Invest

Tinder for investing



Technical recruiting technology



AirBnB for camera gear



Playable mobile app demos on the web



Video marketing automation

Companies we invest in

Deal Flow: Hackers/Founders derives deal flow from ongoing community engagement with 300,000
entrepreneurs in 49 countries and 143 cities.


AI, EdTech, Machine Learning, IoT, B2B, SaaS and many more.


Vetted by experienced Angel investors and Limited partners.


Revenue generating companies with an existing product.


Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson

Managing Director Hack Fund V | CEO H/F

Jonathan achieved a $600 million portfolio market cap in 7 years with his previous funds. He is a Member of the SEC Advisory Committee for Capital Formation for Small and Emerging Business. Board member at Wilson Centre for Public Policy, Latin America. His notable achievements include: Board of Advisors, Capital Formation for Small Businesses, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Board of Advisors, LatAm, The Wilson Centre Board member, Innovation Law Institute, UC Hastings College of Law.

Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson

Managing Partner Hack Fund V |​ CIO H/F

Laura is Co-Founder of Hackers/Founders. She conceptualized the start-up curriculum for portfolio companies, as well as numerous educational and networking events. Laura functions as H/F’s chief systems analyst. She also serves on the board of the (Entrepreneur in Residence) program. As part of R&D at 3Com, she knows what it is like to be part of world-changing technology. Her extensive experience in marketing and advertising means Laura’s insights are highly sought after throughout Silicon Valley and technology companies worldwide.

Torrance Carroll

Torrance Carroll

Partner, Hack Fund V |​ COO H/F

Torrance manages operations, compliance, portfolio services across all 5 funds. His focus has been on the Asia-Pacific region, where he has acted as an Advisor to governments in the Asia-Pacific region including the Science & Technology Innovation Bureau of Guangdong Province; the Institute of Internet of Things Research and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and IC Café on technology economic development.


Martin Perminas

Martin Perminas

Managing Partner | Tomorrow Street North America

Martin has been key to building the Tomorrow Street (TS) USA deal flow network that includes VCs, incubators, accelerators and professional services providers. TS is designed to be one of the most powerful growth engines available for business ready technology companies. As a joint venture founded by Vodafone and the Luxembourg Government, it provides technology companies a base from which to access the multiple markets, and the expertise of its founders.

Mark Lopes

Mark Lopes

United States Executive Director | Inter-American Development Bank

Appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the United States Senate in 2014. Served as U.S. government affairs lead directly with senators and members of congress and senior officials from the White House and key executive branch agencies.

Annemarie Tierney

Annemarie Tierney

Former VP of Strategy and New Markets | NASDAQ

One of the world's top experts in securities law as it relates to secondary liquidity, capital markets and problems faced by small businesses in capital formation. AnneMarie’s expertise with related legal will be invaluable to HACK Fund’s efforts going forward.

Martin Perminas

Dave Shin

Asia Head of Global Equity Derivatives Sales | TD Bank Singapore

David is an entrepreneur, banker and fintech advocate. Instrumental in creating non-profits in Asia to help facilitate constructive engagement between fintech - including cryptocurrency and blockchain - and local/regional entities. David also works for TD Bank as Asia Head of Global Equity Derivatives Sales. As an early adopter of digital currencies, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, NY Times, and the Economist have sought his perspective.

Amilcar Chavarria

Amilcar Chavarria

FinTech & Blockchain Entrepreneur

Serial FinTech Entrepreneur with over a decade of investment experience gained at top banks and asset managers like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. In the last six years, Amilcar has led the creation of FinTech businesses in Digital Wealth Management, Crowdfunding and Education Technology (EdTech). Over the last three years, Amilcar has worked with some of the largest Financial Institutions and Universities in China, Latin America and the Middle East.



Vodafone Tomorrow Street is delighted that our global relationship with Hackers and Founders will provide our growing portfolio of technology companies access to the highly innovative Hack Fund vehicle for their potential future funding requirements.

Tech Crunch

The idea behind Hack Fund is quite interesting. In most cases investing in a company leads to up to ten years of waiting for a liquidity event. However, with blockchain-based stock certificates investors can buy shares that can be bought and sold instantly while company performance drives the value up or down. In short, startups become liquid in an instant...


Unlike typical venture funds, HACK Fund will allow quick liquidity for investors — a new type of investing in the startup world. It could eventually event affect how startups build their companies...